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Posted 10 April 2020 by
Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson, Senior Consultant for The Myers-Briggs Company

For Stronger Workplace Relationships, Use the Platinum Rule

How to do improve relationships - workplace or otherwise? By following this one rule...

Posted 01 October 2019 by
Melissa Summer

The Changing Shape of Teams and Google’s Project Aristotle

With the advance of technology, how teams in organizations work in the modern world has shifted. Read about the changing shape of teams, Google's Project Aristotle and what's proven most important for teams to succeed.

Posted 22 August 2019 by
Pam Valencia & Melissa Summer

Understanding Motivation for More Effective Team Behavior

What does motivation have to do with effective team work and behavior? A lot, it turns out. Learn more about interpersonal needs and how they affect relationships and team interactions.