Allianz Global Improves Leadership, Teamwork with the FIRO-B Tool

Posted 07 September 2016 by
Global Marketing

Allianz Global Investors is a leading active investment manager with a strong parent company and a culture of risk management. With 25 offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, they provide global investment and research capabilities with consultative local delivery. Allianz Global has a rich history, started over 125 years ago they now serve over 82 million clients in 70 countries. With over 540 investment professionals in the high-stress position of managing billions in assets, Allianz was looking for a tool to decrease the inevitable conflict between individuals, improve team effectiveness, and increase individual engagement and leadership potential. The firm had already been using the MBTI assessment but was looking to add another layer of insight for their employees to improve and increase their self-awareness. Marissa Palumbo, the Global Learning and Development Associate at Allianz Global Investors recently shared that the company chose to use the FIRO-B tool to improve teamwork and better execute management development initiatives, sharing that the tool was "great for self-awareness". Take a look at the case study below to learn more about how Allianz Global Investors used the FIRO-B tool: