Career guidance for all students through unlimited assessment access

The VitaNavis® platform is an academic planning and career readiness solution dedicated to strengthening equity initiatives by providing all individuals with universal access to valuable assessments. All individuals should be exposed to the many possibilities in the world of work. With career tools traditionally confined to Career Services and counselor-to-student ratios as high as a national average of 600:1 (ASCA recommends 250:1), many students miss out on the opportunity to get proper career guidance—or any at all. The VitaNavis platform allows all individuals to explore educational and career options through the lens of interests and personality.


Further career conversations through data-driven insights

The VitaNavis platform offers immediate results paired with interactive exploration tools. The cloud-based system is available in both English and Spanish, can be accessed through a mobile device or computer, links to all the most current O*NET™, BLS, and IPEDs data available, and students have lifetime access to their results. Powered by the 60-item SuperStrong® assessment (derived from the Strong Interest Inventory® tool), students are matched to careers through their interests and personality. The rich data collected through insights are aimed to inform and further the career conversation between the counselor and student.

Robust, rapid, insightful and secure

Through the secure cloud-based platform (where users are in control of their data), the VitaNavis platform offers:

  • Unlimited and lifetime access: Provide all prospective and current students access to career exploration and discovery that will lead them to selecting a major and the right classes.
  • Valid, reliable assessments and tools: Access to the SuperStrong assessment, Career Pathways, Education Pathways, Dashboards, Classrooms, and Surveys for different levels of the career journey.
  • Analytics and reporting: Understand the drivers of your student populations’ success. Make data-driven decisions based on personalized insights to support goals and improve outcomes.
  • Informed discussions: Insights enable a deeper understanding of the individual for more effective counselor and career guidance conversations.
  • Secure: Built-in data safety protocols ensure that information is not shared without permission of the user.
  • Easy and quick implementation: System is ready to deploy in a day. Onboarding and training is offered to ensure a seamless transition.



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