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    How to Lead a Successful Neurodiverse Team

    While workplace diversity has been a topic for decades, "neurodiversity" has only recently taken the stage. Here’s what you should know…

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    Workplace Conflict Can Motivate Employees

    While discord isn't bad, learning to effectively resolve it is a critical leadership skill.

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    The many shades of Introversion

    Last week was World Introvert Day. But being introverted is more than just being the opposite of extraverted, says John Hackston…

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    INTJ: Personality Type, Characteristics And More

    If you’ve discovered that you’re an INTJ, read on to learn more about your type, including its defining characteristics and how it fares in different relationships.

  • How personality tests help executives become better leaders

    Can personality tests assist leaders better understand themselves and their job to improve management systems, given the new and complicated problems that corporate leadership faces in today's world?

  • Why resolving conflicts within teams is a new must-have skill for managers

    Personality clashes, disagreements, and other conflicts between staff are bound to happen in workplaces. But whose job is it to resolve them?

  • 3 Key Workplace Trends for 2024

    Success in business is reserved for those who understand trends.

  • The hybrid work experiment is failing everyone

    Hybrid work seemed like the magic fix for the disconnection, productivity loss and widespread resignations that infected the workforce over the course of the pandemic. But is it a cure, or a curse?

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    How to End a Relationship Based On Your MBTI

    Relationships may come and go, but how we handle it is everything.

  • ATD

    Key Workplace Trends of 2024 Affecting Talent Development

    Here are some of the most influential trends to expect this year.

  • 2024 Employee Benefits & Workplace Predictions: RTO Policies

    Industry leaders share their thoughts, comments, and concerns about RTO mandates and how it will affect their 2024.

  • 2024 employee benefits & workplace predictions: The future of AI

    Industry leaders share their thoughts, comments, and concerns about AI and how it will affect their 2024.

  • Entrepreneur

    How to Build an Inclusive Culture That Permeates All Levels of the Organization

    Why the fundamental characteristics of an inclusive organization must be implemented at both leadership and managerial levels — and how to ensure they are.


    Remote Work: John Hackston of The Myers-Briggs Company On How To Successfully Navigate The Opportunities & Challenges Of Working Remotely Or From Home

    Detecting if communication is flowing becomes significantly more challenging when working remotely.

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    How Personality Type Affects Team Performance And Job Satisfaction

    A survey of 883 participants found job satisfaction is related to team performance

  • Brit + Co

    How Your MBTI Type Influences The Way You Parent

    It’s useful to know about and reflect on our own type’s typical style

  • Spiceworks

    How Can IT Effectively Use The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Modes?

    How to improve conflict management for IT teams and leaders.

  • HR Daily Advisor

    Are You Ready for AI?

    Some things for HR to consider before pressing the button.

  • Facility Executive

    Personality, Team Performance, and the Team Leader

    What factors relate to team performance, and how do these relate to the personality and development of individual team members?

  • Associations Now

    Survey: Loneliness Still Pervasive in the Workplace

    A report found that loneliness, particularly among younger generations, risks decreasing engagement.

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    Why Healthy Workplace Conflict Is Productive

    Even though workplace conflict often has a bad reputation, it can be incredibly productive.

  • Human Resources Director

    Survivor Syndrome: Dealing with employee anxiety after mass layoffs

    With yet more layoffs sweeping across the tech market, HR leaders are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • Association for Talent Development

    Staying Energized During Your Career Search

    How to stay energized when looking for new professional opportunities, especially after a layoff.

  • Forbes

    Planning for Extreme Stress

    How will your team respond during a crisis?

  • Association for Talent Development

    Start Making New Career Plans in 2023

    If you’re looking to change your career in 2023 there are three actions you should take.

  • Association for Talent Development

    Change, Well-being and Recession

    We all deal with change and uncertainty in different ways, and this is strongly influenced by our personality.

  • Forbes

    Planning a Major Organizational Change? Personality Type Can Help.

    An understanding of personality types can help organizations navigate change.

  • Very Well Mind

    Learning Styles Based on Jung's Theory of Personality

    Have you ever felt like you learn best in a particular way? Learning styles affect how well we learn under certain conditions.

  • Brit+Co

    Planning a Wedding?

    Here's What Might Stress You Out, Based On Your MBTI Type

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    How To Build A More Effective Hybrid Workplace: Pay Closer Attention To Employee Needs

    Workplace dynamics in a hybrid environment are complicated.

  • Inc.

    Study Shows 74 Percent of Introverts Don't Want Full-Time Remote Work

    Insights from Myers-Briggs indicate that self-described introverts actually want some in-office time. But the bigger lesson is one of inclusivity.

  • Fast Company

    Three personality tests and how you can use them in the workplace

    CEO Heather Hartnett says Human Ventures looks closely at personality traits to identify leaders with strong EQ who will be able to inspire growth in their teams and themselves.

  • Mind Body Green

    The ENFP Personality

    Key Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses and more

  • Association for Talent Development

    Never Use the MBTI Assessment for Hiring or Selection

    In fact, the very qualities that make the MBTI such a great tool for personal development make it poorly suited to staffing selections.

  • A Practical Guide to Working Remotely with All 16 Personality Types

    Experts weigh in on how classic Myers-Briggs personality traits translate to remote work and can be the key to successful collaboration.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Work From Home: Are You Facilitating Remote Work for Each Personality Type?

    A one-size-fits-all WFH policy isn’t the right answer, even if companies are switching from on-premise to remote working overnight due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

  • Cosmopolitan

    Why we need to embrace introverted Black women in the workplace

    When Black women deviate from stereotype, it can have a damaging impact on our careers


    Retaining Talent Despite The Turnover Tsunami

    Better pay isn't always enough to make good employees stick around

  • Forbes

    To Be An Inclusive Leader, You Must Understand And Respect Personality Preferences

    There are three key diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to understand if you want an inclusive company culture.

  • Thrive Global

    Is Your Manager Inclusive?

    The Answer Might Affect Your Well-being

  • Associations Now

    We’re All a Little Introverted Now—So Plan Your Meetings Accordingly

    After more than a year of virtual meetings, it’s going to be a little tough for people to readjust to in-person events

  • Thrive Global

    Is the Nature of Certain Kinds of Work Worsening COVID-related Inequalities?

    A recent report shows that the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated existing inequalities between highly paid and low paid workers, and between graduates and non-graduates.

  • Forbes

    Should Personality Assessments Be Used In Hiring?

    Lately a common hiring practice has come under scrutiny: personality testing in the interview process.

  • Introvert, Dear

    How Your Myers-Briggs Type Can Make You Excel As An Entrepreneur

    Want to work for yourself? Draw on strengths of your introverted Myers-Briggs personality type.

  • Introverts are dreading a return to the noise, crowds and small talk of ‘normal’ life

    After months of lockdown, the question now is if introverts can teach the rest of us something about moving forward.

  • Forbes

    How 2020 Changed Things For Introverts In The Workplace

    To guide their teams through changing times, leaders need to take a closer look at how these changes have affected staff members who prefer introversion.


    The MBTI Is Backed by Solid Science. Why Do Some Claim Otherwise?

    What Does the Data Really Say About the MBTI?

  • Harvard Business Review

    Have You Taken the Difficult Person Test?

    Have You Taken the Difficult Person Test?

  • MBTI Valentine's Day Gift Guide

  • The Myers-Briggs Personality Test: An Overview

    The Myers-Briggs Personality Test: An Overview

  • Forbes

    How Your Personality Type Can Help You Achieve Your 2021 Financial Goals

    For a fuller picture of how an individual operates, we’ll also look at thinking and feeling preferences

  • Human Resource Executive

    How understanding employee personalities helps HR build resilience

    “Resilience” describes our ability to experience a negative effect and bounce back to a normal state of functioning.

  • Talent Management & HR

    On Being an Introverted Black Woman in Leadership

    For Black women, things can be even more complicated, particularly if they’re in leadership positions or on a leadership career path.

  • How to find security blindspots during COVID-19: Think personality

    Security is everyone's job during this time of remote work – and different personality types respond to stress in ways that could increase your organization's risk. Here's how leaders and individuals can respond

  • The Problem of the Overconfident Leader

    We like our leaders confident. Confidence is the leader’s best friend, the one attribute no leader can be without; the keys to the kingdom.

  • Training Magazine

    Unless Current Trends Are Reversed, Women Will Remain Under-Represented at the Top Through 2070

    So what can be changed? Part of the answer may involve personality, and what organizations value.

  • Human error poses cybersecurity challenges for 80 percent of businesses during the COVID19 pandemic

    Eighty percent of companies say that an increased cybersecurity risk caused by human factors has posed a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in times of heightened stress.

  • Allwork.Space

    How Being “Always On” Can Be Good And Bad

    According to a Myers-Briggs study, “always on” culture can be both good and bad, depending on the person’s personality type.

  • Forbes

    Why Knowing Your Personality Type Is Critical To A Growth Mindset

    Fostering a "growth mindset" is fundamental to success, both for individuals and organizations.

  • Human Resources Director

    How the 'always on' culture is impacting you

    For some people, blurring the boundaries between work and home life isn't so bad

  • Canadian HR Reporter

    Introverts, extroverts respond differently to pandemic

    The things that are stressing people relate to their personality

  • Forbes

    Will Gen Z Usher In A New Generation Of Work-Related Conflict

    Conflict exists in all human relationships and plays an important role at work where ideas, styles and goals collide.

  • Workers Feel Survivor’s Guilt as Pandemic Continues and Layoffs Deepen

    People who remain on the job are weathering a new type of stress the longer the pandemic goes on: survivor’s guilt in the workplace.

  • Introvert, Dear

    How to Ask Your Boss to Let You Keep Working From Home

    The secret to getting your boss to say yes may be in their Myers-Briggs personality type

  • HR Tech Series

    Inclusion And Diversity – Don’t Forget Personality

    Today’s businesses aren’t all just about shareholder values–many measure their performance with a triple bottom line.

  • Survivor Guilt: How to Deal With Company Layoffs

    Some ‘feel bad’ that they got to keep their jobs — one psychologist shares how to manage the odd feeling

  • Navigating Stress as We Head Back to the Office

    As governments begin lifting COVID-19 restrictions, those enjoying the solitude of remote work may find the transition back to ‘normal’ highly stress. Keeping in mind that people who prefer Introversion compose about half the workforce, that’s enough stressed-out employees to take a serious bite out of job productivity and performance.

  • TLNT

    Who is Feeling Survivor Guilt and Who Is Not And What You Can Do About It?

    When people survive a traumatic event, while others do not, they often feel survivor guilt, or survivor syndrome.

  • Debunking the Myths About the Myers-Briggs Assessment

    The Myers-Briggs Company has launched a site to clarify facts and information about the assessment tool.

  • It’s OK to be OK: How to Stop Feeling ‘Survivor Guilt’ During COVID-19

    Everyone’s pandemic experience is unfolding differently. There are those who are not only doing well, but in some cases thriving. For some people, this can lead to a kind of “survivor guilt”.

  • Pandemic Leaves Some Struggling with Survivor Guilt at Work

    COVID-19 has been a source of anxiety and depression for workers who may be worried about job security, reduced hours or wages, dealing with forced isolation, or juggling work and caregiving responsibilities.

  • Harvard Business Review

    How Different Personality Types Cope with an Always-On Culture

    Technology has enabled many people to work from anywhere but has also contributed to an “always on” work culture that was growing even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • TLNT

    Report: Stress, Gender, and Leadership

    Being at the top is stressful, or so we are told. After all, top executives have high-powered, demanding stressful roles, don’t they?

  • Forbes

    How Stress Affects Your Money Management Style Based On Personality Type

    Moderate stress is normal and has positive benefits. As stress levels ratchet up, however, our thinking can become clouded by negative emotion, and in these states, we can be prone to make poor decisions, as demonstrated by a 2017 study by Wemm and Wulfert.

  • hrdaily

    Discovering Your Gifts, Appreciating Differences: Therapeutic Use of Psychological Type and the MBTI

    [Locked behind a paywall OR incorrect URL]

  • HR Tech Series

    Interview With John Hackston

    John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company joins us in this interview to talk about key findings from a recent study which indicated that the earliest date for any parity to exist between men and women in higher leadership roles will be 2070!

  • Myers-Briggs: Introverts underrepresented in leadership roles

    Workplaces might favor extraverts but Meyers-Briggs continues to warn that employers that do so might be overlooking the contributions of introverted employees. Introverts may prefer to spend time on different tasks or approach their duties in a different way, but that doesn't mean those efforts don't have value at work.

  • Thrive Global

    Coping with COVID: is being at work the best medicine?

    If you are lucky enough to still have a job, simply having that job may be one of the best ways for you to maintain your wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Forbes

    New Research On What Happens When Women Make The Rules

    Most women agree, when we are seen and heard, we’re less stressed.

  • Dallas Business Journal

    Mid-level managers were already stressed. Coronavirus has made it worse

    Women who hold top executive positions are some of the least stressed in a company, while women in mid-level roles are more stressed than any of their colleagues.

  • Forbes

    Personality Isn't Permanent, Or Is It? The Answer Can Shape Your Career

    People can and do change. If people evolve over time, is there such thing as a consistent personality type over a person's lifespan? The answer may be a little confusing.

  • Introvert, Dear

    A Myers-Briggs Expert Explains Why Introverts May Not Be Loving Quarantine

    Introversion is only one aspect of your personality.

  • associations now

    A Big Leadership Goal: Keep It Simple

    Big ambitions are great for your association, but there's value in stepping back and making sure everybody's included in your strategy conversations.

  • District Administration

    Online learning: Balancing students’ diverse communication, learning styles

    Lessons that account for personality-derived preferences help students adjust and succeed

  • Why Women Are Underrepresented at the Top and What Companies Can Do About It

    In 2019, there were 33 female CEOS in the Fortune 500, the highest number ever, but this was still less than 7 percent.

  • How ‘Shelter-in-Place’ Affects Different Personality Types

    To help employees adjust to remote work, understand their personalities

  • Helping Staff Adjust to Remote Work by Balancing Interpersonal Needs of Team Members

    Home workers have a range of needs that should be met if they are to be engaged and productive. These include the physical (for example having the right tech and a dedicated place to work, or getting sufficient exercise) and also the psychological

  • training

    Overconfident Leadership Is Poised to Inflict Maximum Damage

    While a healthy measure of self-confidence is clearly a component of effective leadership, this is an area when there definitely can be too much of a good thing.

  • HRTech Series

    Fact Or Fiction Is Work-Life Balance Just A Myth

    Fact Or Fiction Is Work-Life Balance Just A Myth

  • Association for Talent Development

    Personality Preferences

    Use personality type insights to improve work-life balance.

  • How Personality Influences Cybersecurity Behavior

    In August 2019, ESET and The Myers-Briggs Company released preliminary findings of a fascinating study on the way personality types can influence cybersecurity behaviors.

  • Forbes

    Building A Better Money Management Strategy With The Power Of Personality Type

    A particularly interesting area to study is how individuals with different personality preferences approach money management.

  • Psychology Today

    In Defense of the Myers-Briggs

    A comprehensive counter to anti-MBTI hype.

  • Federal News Network

    Bettering Management With Behavioral Science

    Utilize behavioral science to better lead teams.

  • Yes, An Introvert Can Lead Too

    In honor of World Introvert Day, let’s take a look at the characteristics of introverts and why an introvert can lead.

  • Wedding Inspiration, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

    An extensive guide for all the big decisions—dress, venue, food, music, and more.

  • Human Resouce Executive

    Why introverts struggle to climb the corporate ladder

    Leadership positions often go to extroverts, even though they're in the minority.

  • Allwork.Space

    Future of Work: 5 Ways Technology is Reshaping Work and the Workplace

    The rise of ‘digital hiring’, digitized talent management, and smart(er) buildings, are among the many ways technology is transforming the future of work.

  • Myers-Briggs: Introverts underrepresented in leadership roles

    Introverts are underrepresented in leadership roles

  • Thrive Global

    Building Resilience by Understanding Your Stress Triggers

    Think back to a time you were really stressed out. Did you ever look at yourself and think, “That’s just not me! Why am I doing this?”