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Enhance the impact of your institution and empower your students to navigate their educational journey with confidence. In today's competitive academic landscape, it's crucial for educational institutions to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Our globally recognized personality and interest assessments provide invaluable insights, empowering students to make informed decisions about courses, majors, and career paths.

When students have a deep understanding of themselves and others, they can align their interests, skills, and personalities with the demands of the workforce. With enhanced self-awareness, students can confidently navigate their academic pursuits, knowing they are on the right path to achieving their goals.

Our mission is to address the multifaceted challenges facing academic institutions today by providing innovative, as well as scalable, solutions tailored to empower both educators and students. From personalized assessments that inform tailored learning experiences to fostering inclusive environments and navigating change with confidence, we offer comprehensive support to drive educational excellence. Partner with us to create environments where diversity is celebrated, and every student feels valued, ultimately preparing them for success in academia and beyond.


The VitaNavis® Platform

VitaNavis® is a career and essential skills development platform that leverages interest and personality insights to help students find their purpose in both school and work. The platform provides schools with the tools they need to support their entire campus, including insightful assessments and practical features such as analytics and cohort reporting.

VitaNavis aims to combat challenges such as student retention, persistence, enrollment, course completion, career development, and workforce readiness. Tailored to meet the needs of higher education institutions, the platform empowers leaders like you to transform student outcomes and shape brighter futures.

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See how our tools and solutions have helped schools—from high schools to colleges and universities—deliver more effective educational support for their students.

Colorado College
utilizes the MBTI Step II and Strong instruments to help guide students' career exploration.

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Mount Mary College
uses MBTI personality type to set students on the path to a successful, fulfilling life.

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Manchester High School
uses the MBTI instrument to connect classroom learning to modern life skills.

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