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Enhance the impact of your school, college, or university by equipping your students to make the right choices for them. Educational institutions face growing pressure to demonstrate value by successfully launching the careers of their graduates. Our globally recognized personality assessments reveal your students’ natural learning style, enabling them to make better decisions about courses and majors and giving them more confidence when choosing their career path.

When your students understand themselves and others, they’re better positioned to align their interests, skills, and abilities with the world of work that awaits them. With enhanced self-awareness, your students can be confident that they’re headed in the right direction and making the most of their time in school.

Our assessments also support your faculty and staff by improving leadership skills, team dynamics, individual development, and more. Find out more.



Our VitaNavis® analytics platform drives informed decision-making during student intake/onboarding to transfer and/or graduation. At the core, valid and reliable interest and personality data integrate with iPEDS, O*Net, BLS, and other tools to help students select programs or majors for their education plans. Tools are available to support students when exploring interests, vocational paths, learning styles, skills and competencies development, and more.

At the same time, the platform offers aggregate and individual data for faculty and administration to both detect and support early alert and intervention as well as resource planning.

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See how our solutions have helped schools, colleges, and universities deliver more effective educational opportunities for their students.


Colorado College utilizes the MBTI Step II and Strong instruments to help guide students' career exploration.

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Mount Mary College uses MBTI personality type to set students on the path to a successful, fulfilling life.

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Manchester High School uses the MBTI instrument to connect classroom learning to modern life skills.

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Going STRONG: Using Personal Assessment Tools to Chart Your Path
Explore how and why personality assessments can help both students and adults identify fullfilling career paths.

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Selecting Career Assessments
This white paper focuses on what parameters to evaluate for the best-fit career assessment for your needs.

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The Next Generation’s View: Career and Personal Fulfillment
Survey results and analysis of 87 high school and community college students on the subject of career planning.

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