Connecting with Food and Drink

Posted 12 January 2016 by
Global Marketing

I often dread conference end-of-the-day social events. This evening of the first day of the conference provided just this kind of opportunity. So after the last session of the day I went up to my room and read, sat quietly, and read a little to build back my energy before tonight’s event. Once ready, I took the elevator down to the lobby floor and I admit thinking, “The longer I wait, the more likely there will be people there I can latch onto.”

And...there were. The event turned out to be really nice. A live band was playing upbeat music. Catey DeBalko, CPP’s Vice President of Marketing, thanked everyone for coming, and there was lots of food and drink, as well as ample opportunity to catch up with people I had not seen for awhile.

Once the catching up had been covered, I felt a tug on my arm. I was thrilled to turn to see Betsy Kendall, my colleague from OPP Europe, nudging me to a nice quiet spot where just the two of us could connect. Robert McHenry, also from OPP, later joined us. A close conversation between colleagues was just what I needed before slipping out a side entrance and quietly heading to my room for the night.

It was a great day. I’m planning to rest up for another great day tomorrow.

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