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Posted 01 September 2016 by
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I have facilitated many individual and group MBTI® feedback sessions during the 28 years I’ve used this amazing tool. I have also trained many people on how to deliver that feedback, and at times I’ve found that people feel a bit overwhelmed by all the steps involved. That’s why I like the new Exploring Your Myers-Briggs® Type Workbook. It gives you the exact steps you need to walk someone, whether individually or in a group, through MBTI feedback.

In the workbook, you will find a practical way to explain that the MBTI assessment is about identifying which preference a person uses most in each preference pair, while recognizing that everyone uses both preferences in each pair to some extent. The workbook also gives you the language you need to explain each of the preference pairs and then to help your clients or group self-estimate what they think their preferences might be. At the end of each preference pair section, participants circle the preference that they think fits them best and also circle “slight, moderate, clear,” or “very clear.” Just follow each page in order for the structure you need to deliver this part of the feedback session.

The workbook then helps you move from the self-estimate to reported type by asking participants to circle at the end of each preference pair section the preference they reported (even if it is different from their self-estimate) and circle “slight,” “moderate,” “clear,” or “very clear” as indicated on the report you are using.

And finally, the workbook includes a place for participants to enter what they think is their best-fit type.

While the Exploring Your Myers-Briggs® Type Workbook contains short paragraphs describing each of the 16 four-letter types (pages 32 and 33), it is important to note that this workbook is meant to be used with the Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type booklet, which contains more detailed descriptions and additional information.

You should always provide follow-up after your feedback session with an individual or a group. The last sections in the workbook provide that as discussion you can have with participants at the end of the feedback session and as a take-away for each individual. 

You can use this content to begin your next session with this individual or group. Click here to access this great new resource.

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