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Posted 03 August 2023 by
Melissa Summer

Overcoming team communication challenges

In this post, based on an interview with Myers-Briggs Professional Services Principal Consultant and Depth Psychologist Dr. Marta Koonz, we discuss communication in teams, the psychological needs of teams, and their impact on collaboration.

Posted 08 November 2022 by
Kevin Wood

Use conflict as a health check for your team

Is lack of conflict a sign of dysfunction? And what do people feel about conflict today?

Posted 14 October 2022 by
Melissa Summer

The New TKI® Team Report

The easiest way to run a conflict management workshop for a team is now here. Meet the new TKI® Team Report.

Posted 10 April 2020 by
Helen Rayner, Psychologist and Practitioner Development, The Myers-Briggs Company

Remote Working Tips from a Psychologist

Here's what one of our resident psychologists recommends for working at home...

Posted 06 April 2020 by
Nikhita Blackburn, Thought Leadership Lead Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

People Need People! Get More Out of Remote Working

Tips for working from home...

Posted 02 July 2017 by
Global Marketing

Helping U.S. Navy Teams Find Synergy

It's always interesting to us to know the story of where some of our assessments came from, and we wanted to share the FIRO-B assessment backstory because it's one of the most fascinating histories we've heard. In the 1950's, the United States Navy approached psychologist William Schutz and said, "We're having a really hard time with teams on submarines. We don't know how to put people together, and you can imagine being underwater in close quarters for six months can be a trying environment....

Posted 02 May 2017 by
Global Marketing

Combining Coaching Tools: Myers-Briggs & FIRO Assessments

Originally written by Betsy Kendall and Alice King at OPP Often considered a winning combination in coaching, what is it specifically about the FIRO and MBTI assessments that adds depth and complexity to coaching? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator looks at four aspects of our personality that combine together dynamically to capture the fundamental elements of who we are and how we are motivated. This in itself is a powerful coaching tool as it indicates our preferred ways of taking in information,...

Posted 13 March 2017 by
Global Marketing

Leadership Development Initiatives 75% More Effective with the FIRO-B Instrument

ALD Corporate Development is a full-service corporate development and management consulting firm  that offers three tracks: executive coaching, small business consulting for growth and profit through results-driven actions, and executive leadership training and seminars. And in today's fast-paced business environment, HR and LD managers are often overwhelmed and stretched too thin but still need to continually assess and tweak how leaders are performing and how that affects the company...

Posted 01 November 2016 by
Global Marketing

MBTI® Users Conference—A Step II™ Day

Like last year, I facilitated a full-day MBTI® Step II™ workshop. I had an engaged group of participants with varying levels of personality type knowledge, which can get tricky to facilitate. I didn’t want to go too fast and lose people just learning about type, nor did I want to go too slow and bore those who already knew a lot. However, the one thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years is that many people could use a basic MBTI type refresher. For anyone needing a ...

Posted 01 September 2016 by
Global Marketing

New—MBTI® Workbook

I have facilitated many individual and group MBTI® feedback sessions during the 28 years I’ve used this amazing tool. I have also trained many people on how to deliver that feedback, and at times I’ve found that people feel a bit overwhelmed by all the steps involved. That’s why I like the new Exploring Your Myers-Briggs® Type Workbook. It gives you the exact steps you need to walk someone, whether individually or in a group, through MBTI feedback. In the workbook, yo...