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Posted 29 December 2023 by
Melissa Summer


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People often hear about the Myers Briggs assessment through friends or co-workers who have taken the MBTI assessment online or in the workplace. For those of you interested in self-discovery, there are a few different paths you can take to complete the assessment.

The easiest and most obvious path is to take the Myers Briggs test online. If you’re working with a certified MBTI practitioner, he or she will likely send you to The Myers-Briggs Company’s online assessment platform called Elevate® so you can take the assessment. This allows the practitioner to generate one or more of the numerous reports available based on your assessment results. In this case the practitioner will likely sit down with you in person or set up a phone call so the two of you to walk through your results together. This is often done in leadership and executive coaching situations or in employee development scenarios.

If you’re not working with a certified MBTI practitioner, you can still get access to the online Myers Briggs test by visiting This site will walk you through a basic understanding of the MBTI assessment before you take it, as well as offer an interactive feedback session afterward to ensure that you’ve chosen your best-fit type. You’ll also have access to four different personalized learning courses on topics like motivation, getting along, communication, and more.

However, be aware that there are many fake tests out there, either claiming to be the MBTI assessment or providing your results in the four-letter type format. The problem with these tests is that they are simply not reliable; their test questions are not based on research and often are made up by fans of the MBTI assessment with no psychological training and their methods are not based in any research or scientific methodologies. Often these tests will provide you with a four-letter type, but it is not your actual MBTI type. When people say they don’t feel like their MBTI results fit them, it may be because they’ve really taken one of the fake tests, which tend to yield less-than-accurate results. If you truly want to invest in gaining valuable self-awareness, we suggest taking the authentic MBTI assessment.

You can also learn more about Myers Briggs online by visiting the Myers & Briggs Foundation website. The site provides a deeper dive into the history and background of the MBTI assessment and, if you’re interested in becoming an MBTI certified practitioner, hosts trainings across the country. Learn more at

If you’re not comfortable with taking the MBTI online test, you can work with an MBTI certified practitioner to take a paper-and-pencil version of the assessment. Much like many schools’ standardized tests, this version of the MBTI assessment allows you to read the questions on a printed form and fill in blanks to indicate your answers. This paper version is then usually scored by hand by your MBTI practitioner. There is no difference between the questions in the paper-and-pencil version of the Myers Briggs test and those in the online Myers Briggs test—both can provide you with a new level of self-awareness, personal and career insights, and an engaging method for self-discovery.

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