16 Types in the Workplace—INFP

Posted 25 February 2016 by
Global Marketing

My MBTI® preferences are INFP, and I’m told I provide a calm and supportive approach to solving problems that our work projects need. I was facilitating a webinar a while back, and the technology was not cooperating. Others in the room were getting a bit frazzled. A colleague sitting next to me said, “You seem so calm.” “It will work out,” I replied, as I focused on completing the tasks that would help the event run smoothly. My favorite mental process is introverted Feeling (Fi), and like my “cousins” with preferences for ISFP, I focus my decision making on how my decisions reflect my values and the values of people who are important to me. This gift can sometimes help an organization address the importance of including people’s input and their values in decision making, as long as I’m encouraged to share my ideas on why this matters. This favorite process is backed up by my second favorite process, extraverted Intuition (Ne), which can sometimes help me come up with all kinds of possibilities that others may not have thought about. Serving as a good workplace example by making decisions that are consistent with my values and coming up with innovative ideas are important contributions made by individuals with preferences for INFP.

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