16 Types in the Workplace—INFJ

Posted 11 February 2016 by
Global Marketing

One of my very best friends has preferences for INFJ. I have to admit that I don’t personally know many other people with these preferences, and not surprisingly, INFJ is the rarest, or among the rarest type, depending on which data you are looking at. An innovative approach to understanding ideas along with a quiet, considerate, and behind-the-scenes follow-through are workplace contributions often associated with people of this type. Their favorite mental process (Ni) helps them see not only around the next corner but also several corners after that. This sometimes means that they might seem a bit “out there,” but if an organization can learn to appreciate that different approach, they get in return someone who can come up with innovative ways to make a difference in the lives of their colleagues and even the organization’s customers.

Like their ISFJ “cousins,” those with preferences for INFJ back up their favorite mental process using extraverted Feeling. This harmonious and values-based approach to making decisions helps them be recognized as team players who are in tuned with their colleagues’ needs.

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