USC Marshall School of Business Finds Students 75% More Engaged with Strong Interest Inventory

Posted 02 June 2016 by
Global Marketing

With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, collaborative research and social responsibility, the USC Marshall School of Business is ideally positioned to address the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. Their guiding philosophy – success demands an understanding of the inner workings of the global marketplace –has established USC Marshall as a leader among the nation’s premier business schools.

USC Marshall provides powerful global experiences across a range of disciplines and interests, and was the first school to require international travel and study projects as an integral part of every MBA degree. In addition, Marshall’s Global Leadership and Learning about International Commerce programs were the first of their kind available to freshman students and USC itself is home to more international students than any other American university.

We all know that leaders of tomorrow (and the students of today) need a mindset that allows them to effortlessly cross boundaries, whether those borders are international, cultural or disciplinary. The innovative Marshall curriculum allows for customization because their students have diverse backgrounds, interests and aspirations. One of the many tools that Marshall has used to successfully help students explore disciplines and interests is the Strong Interest Inventory.

Take a look below at how this prestigious business school has used the Strong assessment to increase engagement, help students determine major options and career choices, and overall help their students become the globally-minded leaders that USC is known to produce. USC Marshall School of Business Strong Interest Inventory Case Study To learn more about the Strong Interest Inventory, visit