MBTI Type & Research in the News

Posted 10 April 2023 by
Melissa Summer

3 min. read

You’ve probably seen an article or two about the MBTI assessment in your media feeds, possibly noting that it’s the most popular personality assessment on the market. Or perhaps you’ve read an article questioning the MBTI assessment’s validity.

What you may not have seen though are the countless positive articles that’ve come out defending the MBTI framework or sharing how it can help with communication, change management, leadership development, and more.

They likely never made it into your feed, because the controversial articles (that get the most comments) are the ones that media outlets and social networks tend to push to keep people engaged and staying on their website.

As they say (rather callously in our opinion) in the news world, “if it bleeds, it leads.”

To counter that, below are a sampling of the top positive articles about the MBTI framework, and other Myers-Briggs Company personality assessments and research published in 2022:

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