End your Hiring Headache

Posted 22 January 2020 by
Melissa Summer

If you’re in HR, filling open positions is one of the most important responsibilities you have.

It’s also takes the most time.

And in this current business environment, your candidates have the edge. Because unemployment is low. Which means competition for potential employees is higher than in the last few years (even Josh Bersin pointed this out).

Technology is helping candidates with their searches. Free services query job listings and send open positions right to your candidate. Without them having to lift a finger.

In addition, candidates are becoming better than ever before at interviewing.

With the rise in AI and online learning, candidates more options for mock interviews than ever before. They can practice interviewing with live people or with AI bots (here are 8 sites offering mock interviews). They can find tried-and-true interview questions from quality platforms and even read the best answers. 

And that’s for entry-level positions. 

Also, it costs on average 150% of an employees’ salary to replace them

Every day your position stays open, it’s costing your organization. The teams aren’t running as well as they could because of that open position. And that affects the whole organization. 

Want to better understand the current challenges in the hiring market? Need a few tips to streamline your hiring and development? 

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