MBTI® Users Conference—Creating a Culture of Clarity / There is Plenty of Research

Posted 01 December 2016 by
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Continuing with Patrick Kerwin’s session at the MBTI® Users Conference, Patrick addressed the criticism that the MBTI assessment is not in clinical psychology journals. He noted it's not in clinical journals because it’s not a clinical tool. It doesn’t belong in clinical journals. A CPP board member didn’t use it in his published research for that very reason. His research, by the way, was on coronary disease and other health conditions. Why would he use the MBTI tool for this?

There is plenty of research on the MBTI tool. I suggest visiting www.capt.org/MILO. The “MILO” in this web address stands for Mary and Isabel Library Online. Mary is Dr. Mary McCaulley, who was a clinical psychologist at the University of Florida. She and Isabel founded CAPT as an MBTI research laboratory. You will find numerous published works there. You can also reach out to CPP’s Research Department at research@cpp.com for further research inquiries.

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