Response to anti-Asian hate crimes and a call for social justice

Posted 22 March 2021 by
Jennifer Ng, Marketing Specialist

The surge in racist and violent attacks against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community is shocking and terrible. Reports of anti-Asian attacks have increased by almost 150% in 2020. Most recently, on March 16, 2021, eight people were shot and killed in Georgia, six of whom were Asian- American women who worked at massage parlors.

While anti-Asian racism has a long-standing history in the United States, these attacks represent a devastating surge of violence, harassment, and discrimination against Asian Americans, with women specifically targeted.

Jeff Hayes, the President and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company, calls for social justice and unity:

It is critical that we all work together to eliminate bias and discrimination of any kind while promoting unity, tolerance, acceptance, and social justice for all. These are key tenets of the values that we hold dear. At The Myers-Briggs Company, we stand firm in our support of the families of the victims, our AAPI community, our Asian communities around the world, and all those impacted by these senseless and horrific acts of violence.

Four ways to be an ally and fight against Anti-Asian Racism