Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Live in the Moment

Posted 20 September 2016 by
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As we head back to the hotel for some downtime—nap, pool, walks along the beach—I start to feel that little bit of angst that our time together is going by too fast. It’s already Tuesday. We just have tonight and tomorrow together, and then our trip will be over. This happens to me on every vacation I go on, especially when I’m having a wonderful time. Instead of living in the moment, I let my preference for Intuition take over and start thinking about the future. Doing this can really take me out of all the wonderful things happening in the present moment. While I’ve done this all my life, I’m getting better at not letting this take over today. As I come back to the present, suddenly all the sounds in the car flow over me. Mom and Terri talking about life back home. Cindy sharing stories about her husband, Dave, and their dog, Stewie. Kevin humming to Hawaiian music playing on the radio. There is so much to experience in this world of Sensing if we just make the effort to give the present moment the time it deserves.

After some time on our own, we all come back together for dinner. Tonight we are going just down the beach to the Lava Lava Beach Club. Situated right on the beach, the place is alive with people laughing, eating, and drinking. A guitarist is playing Hawaiian music in the sand nearby while a women dances next to him. Dinner is good, and we are all just enjoying the relaxing time together in this perfect setting as the sun falls beneath the ocean in the distance.

Cindy and Terri are a treat! I have such wonderful sisters! They have been on board with this trip from the beginning and have been wonderful to be around every single minute. Being with them makes me want to schedule more time with the family again soon.

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