Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—A Sensing vs. Intuition Challenge

Posted 06 October 2016 by
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The day feels like it is flying by too fast. I have to keep reminding myself, “Live in the moment, or the moment will pass you by.” In type language this means that I have to honor my preference for Intuition, but I will not let it rule my day. If I flex by using Sensing more often, those great moments won’t just pass me by. Still, Terri and Cindy leave tomorrow. Already. Mom, Dad, Kevin, and I leave the day after. It helps me to think that I can plan something again soon. My mind starts to wonder what that will be. Maybe we can all get together over Kevin’s February break. Maybe I should think about inviting other family members to join us. Maybe just our group of six is the right number. Mom and Dad like Vegas. Maybe…again, my preference for Intuition starts to take over.

But today is today, and we still have a wonderful last night all together: Live in the moment or… We all meet in the lobby on time as usual, ready for the evening luau. Mom is wearing the pretty ceramic plumeria that I sent her ahead of the trip along with an orange, green, and blue muumuu. We take the elevator down to the ground floor and line up around the side of the pool to enter the outdoor area where tables are set up. I’ve booked the “special” seating so we get a spot right up front. Purple and white leis are given to each of us along with a very nice pupu platter for our table. I think to myself, “These will be the last leis of our trip.” I feel a little sad, but then remind myself once again, “Live in the moment or the moment will pass you by.” There you are Sensing, my new friend. If you want to read more about my Hawaiian family vacation, check out the previous blogs in this series: