MBTI® Users Conference—Creating a Culture of Clarity / It’s Not Meant to Be Predictive

Posted 13 December 2016 by
Global Marketing

And finally, Patrick Kerwin shared the criticism that the MBTI® tool is not predictive of behavior. Guess, what? It’s not meant to predict behavior. Instead, the MBTI tool is about giving us some understanding around how we take in information (Perceiving processes of S-N) and make decisions (Judging processes of T-F). Isabel Briggs Myers called this “clearer perceptions” and “sounder judgments.” If you try to apply the MBTI tool beyond that, you are overstepping its purpose.

So, yes…we agree. The MBTI tool does not predict behavior. However, we have plenty of very rich data showing that certain types are attracted to certain occupations, and it’s readily available. As one colleague in our Research division likes to say, “Just read the manual.” This attraction to careers by type can be invaluable in the career exploration process. I use the MBTI assessment as a career tool, but I always combine it with the Strong Interest Inventory®assessment. The MBTI tool helps me explore a client’s motivations, while the Strong adds vocational interests. Together, these tools can be very powerful for individuals engaged in career exploration.

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