Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—The First Goodbye

Posted 13 October 2016 by
Global Marketing

We are all up and ready early. Terri is leaving this morning. Cindy is leaving tonight. How did our time go by so fast? We enjoy a nice breakfast at King’s Market across the street from our hotel. Terri is in the mood for fish ’n chips so she has them for breakfast. “This is it,” I think to myself. Terri is leaving, and then before you know it we all will be in our own worlds again.

The drive to the airport is about twenty minutes. Kevin is playing Hawaiian music in the car. Five days ago this music made me happy. Now, I’m feeling really sad. I know Terri, Cindy, and I will cry when we have to say good-bye to Terri. I just hope I’m able to stop crying soon. When we were kids, if one of us cried, all three of us would cry. We’ve always been that way. We haven’t changed. We drive up to the check-in area, and Terri quickly says, “Just drop me off. I don’t want to cry.” We pull over, all get out, and give each other hugs. Terri turns away and starts walking quickly to the check-in counter. I know she is crying, and so of course I start to cry too. Ahhh!

We drive away and wave as Terri turns to say good-bye. I’m determined to organize something soon with her. It has been wonderful getting to know my middle sister again. I’m so proud of the person she has become after all she has been through…so strong, kind, and smart.

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