MBTI® Users Conference—Creating a Culture of Clarity / Proper Type Language

Posted 17 November 2016 by
Global Marketing

Continuing Patrick Kerwin’s session at the MBTI® Users Conference on addressing criticisms of the MBTI® tool, he noted that we sometimes hear, “The MBTI tool uses artificial binaries.” Patrick reminded us that while the MBTI tool sorts, we stress that all of us use both sides of a preference pair. We just prefer one or the other. That is why when we are using the MBTI tool, proper language is so crucial. Strictly speaking, we are not “Extraverts” or “Introverts.” Instead, we have a preference for Extraversion or a preference for Introversion.

Proper language that moves away from labeling people as one or the other is probably the most important point I emphasize when I teach people about this tool during the MBTI® Certification Program. For example, when I ask participants not to label individuals as “Thinkers” or “Judgers,” (as opposed to having a preference for Thinking or a preference for Judging) they sometimes ask me, “Is this new?” While it is not new, some people take shortcuts in language use, which invites misunderstanding.

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