MBTI® Users Conference—Networking and the Step II™ Receiving Facet Challenge

Posted 15 December 2016 by
Global Marketing

The conference is in full swing. Walking from session to session, I’ve come across people I have worked with in past trainings over the years. I always worry at these events that someone will come up to me and call out my name, but I won’t remember theirs. I work with so many people each year, it is hard to commit everyone’s name to memory. Just yesterday, as I waited in the hotel lobby for my room to be ready, I noticed someone looking at me. Her face was very familiar, but I wasn’t sure why. She kept glancing over. I was so focused on when the person at the hotel registration desk would call me up to check in. As the person glancing at me walked out of the hotel lobby, she turned, smiled and said, “Hi, Michael.” Ahhh! I felt so bad that I wasn’t more focused. I made sure to walk up to her the next day and apologize. She was very nice about it. Thank goodness.

These conferences provide lots of time for networking. Some people thrive in these environments. I tend not to. My strategy: show up a little late to make sure that someone I know will already be there. Then, once I arrive, ask if I can help with anything. This gives me something to do besides just standing there pretending that the plant next to me is the most interesting plant I have ever seen. Fortunately, there was a photo station at our first networking event. I walked around and just picked people to take pictures with. This gave me something to do and also was a great way to remember the event.

The networking vibe is often perceived differently by people who report Initiating versus Receiving on the MBTI® Step IITM assessment. I report Receiving, which is in-preference for me because I prefer Introversion, and I find it fits me to a tee. Here are the descriptors from the MBTI® Step IITM Report for in-preference Receiving:

I couldn’t agree more!

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