MBTI® Users Conference—Type, Interpersonal Needs, and Stress: A FIRO-B® and MBTI® Workplace Culture Connection

Posted 03 January 2017 by
Global Marketing

My breakout session took place on the second day of the conference. I was glad to see so many familiar faces in the room, although it also makes me a bit more nervous to see so many people I know when I’m presenting. However, remembering that I’m presenting for the attendees and not for myself, helps temper my nervousness.

In my session I addressed the stress we all face when our interpersonal needs are not being met. What we need, combined with what we fear, can have a huge impact on our behavior. It can affect how we use and possibly overuse our preferences during stress. I shared with attendees how our interpersonal needs are connected to our personality preferences, as well as what happens when our needs are not met. Also included was an overview of Will Schutz’s FIRO® theory as it relates to compatibility. Finally, personality type examples ranging from initial stress to extreme stress, along with suggested “remedies” for each of the 16 types, were shared.

I ended up having fun, and the feedback from attendees was positive. That’s a great way to end a conference! By the way, in the session I referenced Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development and In the Grip. If you don’t have either resource, I highly recommend that you add them to your library. You can find them at www.global.themyersbriggs.com.

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