MBTI® Users Conference—Creating a Culture of Clarity / Type Dynamics

Posted 22 November 2016 by
Global Marketing

Another criticism Patrick Kerwin addressed is that “Jung even said there is no such thing as a pure Introvert.” Patrick (and I) actually agree! We all live in both the extraverted and introverted worlds. And, if you understand type dynamics, we all use a mental process in the extraverted world and a mental process in the introverted world.

For example, I have preferences for INFP. I am not an Introvert. Instead, I introvert (I use this word as a verb since I don’t believe in using it as a noun) my Perceiving mental process when I’m taking in information and I extravert (also a verb) my Judging mental process when I’m making a decision. This is why it looks to others that I prefer Intuition, since it is the Perceiving mental process that I extravert. Then, when I’m ready to make a decision, I need my own space to use Feeling in the introverted world. Sound confusing? It really isn’t, and this is a much more useful way to understand the MBTI® tool once you learn it. It’s a big part of Module 4 of the MBTI® Certification Program. If you want to learn more about it, I suggest reading the Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development booklet by Katharine D. Myers and Linda K. Kirby.

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