Washington State DOT Gives Green Light for Leadership Training with the CPI 260 Tool

Posted 24 October 2016 by
Global Marketing

Washington State Department of Transportation is concerned with more than just roads. They're also responsible for aviation, ferries, bicyclists, railways, public transportation and more. They're stewards of multimodal transportation systems that are complex, intertwined, and tasks with ensuring safety no matter the method of transportation. In addition, they're environmentally conscious about all projects and programs, and are supported by more than 6,800 full-time employees, including engineers, vessel captains, maintenance technicians, environmental specialists, planners, and many others. Given the vast number of responsibilities and projects, WSDOT was looking for a way to enhance their leadership training programs to better enhance individual leader's knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence. They were looking to improve interactions throughout the organization, starting from the top down, while also reducing costs by increasing individual and team efficiency. After considering multiple tools to enhance leadership development initiatives, WSDOT chose the CPI 260® assessment to aid in their development programs and have had incredible results.

Paul Ganalon, Leadership Development Administrator at WSDOT, said they used the tool primarily "to help current leaders understand their interpersonal style, way of leading, motivation and personal characteristics having to do with their managerial responsibilities. Also, to identify leadership characteristics to help the individual grown and develop." Take a look at the full case study below to learn more about how the Washington State Department of Transportation uses the CPI 260 assessment:

DOT CPI 260 Case Study