Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—We Have Arrived!

Posted 05 July 2016 by
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The flight over is a bit long since the airline canceled our original itinerary and connected us through Seattle. Still, we board, deplane, eat, and board again with no real hassle. Halfway over the sea, the flight crew announces that my parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Everyone claps and offers congratulations. Glasses of champagne are brought over as well. Since my mom and dad don't like champagne (how could someone not like champagne?), they slip the glasses over to us. This is a big improvement over the free and sickly sweet mai-tais that were doled out right before.

Landing in Hawaii (the Big Island), is such a relief after six hours. Sticking my head out of the plane and walking down the steps onto the tarmac make me smile from ear to ear. "We are here!" I say to Kevin. Instantly, the Hawaiian song that Baby's sister sang near the end of Dirty Dancing pops into to my head. It stays there the entire trip, and that is OK.

As we walk into the arrivals area, I remember that Cindy, my older sister, has arranged a lei greeting and asked that I keep a lookout. Not seeing anyone holding leis, I realize this likely won't happen until we exit the security area. Sure enough, standing in the sun with a sign bearing the names Mike and Irene Segovia, I see a tall man holding two beautiful purple and cream leis. I walk up and point back to my parents who are following. My mom's eyes light up as her lei is placed over her.

Then I see Terri, my middle sister, approach to give big hugs to my parents, Kevin, and me. She has two yellow-and-white leis in her hands and places them on Kevin and me. She is very excited to be here—her very first trip to Hawaii. The fresh floral scent immediately reminds me where I am. Ah, Hawaii. I love this place.

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