Summer Vacation Decision Making—Introverted Sensing

Posted 07 June 2016 by
Global Marketing

Of course, using Sensing plays a huge role in any decision we make regardless of our preferences. In my previous post I covered extraverted Sensing. It’s now time to address introverted Sensing (Si). While it indicates a similar focus on facts and details, introverted Sensing most often perceives those facts and details as they relate to specifics from the past. As you think about where you might go for vacation this summer, consider the following Si questions:

“Dominant introverted Sensing types approach problem-solving by gathering a great deal of specific, realistic, relevant information and filtering it through their personal experience and knowledge. Their decisions and actions are deliberate, definite, carefully considered, and therefore firm.” —Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development.

The MBTI® types that typically rely the most on introverted Sensing (Si) during decision making are ISTJ and ISFJ. The types that might forget to use Si during decision making are ENFP and ENTP.

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