Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary

Posted 30 June 2016 by
Global Marketing

Sitting at the departure gate in the Kona-Keahole airport in Hawaii still feels like being on vacation. The cool Hawaiian breeze and the many palm trees close-by can fool you just a little bit into not feeling sad that you are leaving. But I feel sad every time I leave these islands...every single time. I have to convince myself "I'll be back" or I know I will start to cry. Being in Hawaii is such an escape from so many of the stresses of life. While I work to honor who I am, I also spend too much time accommodating others. My INFP preferences work for me in life, but sometimes I let my preferences use me instead of me using them. Overusing Accommodating (a Step II™ facet of the Feeling preference) can be exhausting for everyone involved, especially me. When I'm in Hawaii, I find the people, the land, the water, and the air all come together to create such a perfect place in time where I can let go just a little.

Our time here has been a blur. My parents, Cindy and Terri (my sisters from oldest to youngest, with me as the "baby"), and Kevin (my partner) landed five days ago, blinked and here we are at the airport ready to leave. Why can't the times we enjoy last longer than the ones that cause us pain? Why can't they go on and on and...? I hate to say it, but sometimes I wish I didn't go on these escapes, because it makes it so hard to come back. Don't get me wrong. I love what I do. I just put too many expectations on myself to keep doing it better...to live up to others’ expectations of me. That NF quest to make a difference can sometimes be quite a burden.

(To be continued)

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