Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Love Is in the Air

Posted 27 September 2016 by
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A big part of any trip for Mom is finding souvenirs to bring back to friends and family. A souvenir shop in King’s Market, located just a block from our hotel, is the perfect place. Dad, Cindy, and I settle in as Mom and Terri start collecting trinkets to buy. I wander in and out of the shop relatively quickly and instead find a T-shirt stand being set up just outside. I buy a T-shirt for me and one for Kevin.

Dad worries that all the souvenirs Mom is buying won’t fit in their luggage for the trip home. Still, when Mom comes over he hands her more money. Mom doesn’t want to leave anyone out. I go over to help Mom at the register as item after item goes through checkout. I can’t help but see the line that has formed behind her, and people are looking a little impatient. I don’t want us to be an inconvenience to them, which I see as a common characteristic of others who share my INFP preferences.

Once done, we head back to the hotel. Kevin is awake and organizing things in the room for the day. I tell him that Cindy has reserved a cabana down by the pool for all of us. But before heading to the pool, Kevin wants to check out the shopping market we just came from for himself. Together we walk across the street to see what we can find. As soon as we enter the open-air mall, we both spot Na Hoku Jewelers out of the corner of our eye. We’ve always liked their koa wood and silver rings, so we decide to try them on. Shannon behind the counter is very helpful and patient as we try on various rings. It is just the perfect time and the perfect place, so…we end up buying our wedding rings. We love Hawaii and are thrilled to find rings that represent our love in so many ways.

Giddy, we take a picture out front of the store and then head back to the hotel. I’m sure that Cindy and Terri are already at the pool, so I want to hurry a bit to meet them there. I’m looking forward to jumping in the water again.

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