Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—The Second Goodbye

Posted 18 October 2016 by
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After dropping off Terri, the rest of us head in to Kona for a tour around the shops. It is very hot out, and our swimming pool is all the way back at the hotel. We walk in to a few galleries to get out of the heat and then decide it is time for lunch at the Kona Brewing Company.

Eager to get back to the calmness of our hotel, we head back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Kevin, Cindy, and I sit out on the hotel deck area that overlooks the ocean and enjoy our last mai-tais together. It’s really sweet seeing how well Cindy and Kevin are getting along. I’m not surprised—they are both wonderful people. Why wouldn’t they get along?

As usual, the hours fly by. Mom and Dad join us for a quick dinner in the hotel before we get in the car to now take Cindy to the airport. Again, there are tears as we say goodbye. As I cry, I’m also very grateful for this incredible time together. Ending a trip with one’s sisters and wanting more time instead of less is a great feeling. It was Cindy who taught me how to tie my shoes when I was a kid. She taught me the concept of “manners” and took me to get my first “fancy” haircut. Cindy is the first person in my family that I told I was gay. Seeing my big sister after all these years and connecting with her like this has been one of the happiest experiences of my life.

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