Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—INFP Preferences in Overdrive

Posted 21 July 2016 by
Global Marketing

The drive over goes by quickly, though at one point the rain and wind at 4,000 feet up is a little scary. Our destination is thankfully much closer to sea level, and by the time we get to the town of Volcano the rain stops. All around us is nothing but green...wet green trees, bushes, and moss. This is my second time to Volcano, and I’m so happy to be back.

The driveway to our Airbnb home welcomes us down a curved passageway to finally come to a stop next to the large house. It has been a long day, starting with our flights from San Jose with a layover in Seattle to arriving in Kona and then driving across the island. The lockbox opens after my second try. We take off our shoes as the owner had instructed and walk into a cool and clean home in the middle of a rainforest. Ahhh! We unload the car and take our luggage up to the rooms.

I give my parents the master bedroom with the large tub and big bed. Kevin and I get the room with the queen bed, and Terri takes the room with two doubles. She was planning on sharing that room with Cindy, but that will have to wait until we are on the resort tomorrow, back on the Kona side of the island. I wish Cindy had made it and hope her flight in doesn’t experience any more trouble. She is very self-reliant, and I know she will be okay. Kevin notices I’m quiet and probably worrying about something and/or someone. This happens to me when my INFP preferences are in overdrive. He reassures me that the trip is going well and Cindy is fine.

This helps me remember that I need to check in with the extraverted world a bit more or I can find myself getting lost in my own thoughts and worries. In type dynamics terms it means relying on my second (auxiliary) mental process, Ne (a perceiving mental process), a bit more, instead of letting my favorite (dominant) process, Fi (a judging mental process), overrule everything. When I use extraverted Intuition it helps me check possibilities with others more fully before coming to decisions or judgments too quickly. Sorry for getting too technical. If you want to read more about type dynamics, I highly recommend Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development by Katharine D. Myers and Linda K. Kirby.

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