Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Learning How to Use My Inborn Preferences

Posted 11 October 2016 by
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As soon as we sit down, Cindy notices our rings. Then so do Terri, Mom, and Dad. Smiles spread around the table. Dad comes over and says, “I’m happy for you Mijo.” I tell him we don’t have a wedding date yet, but will let them know. Since I don’t like being the center of attention, we are thinking of something very small. I tell Dad that I’m thinking of just eloping and telling people about it later. Stay tuned…

Because we are only six, there are a couple of spots open at our table. A woman named Gita comes over and politely asks if she can join us. As expected, my family welcomes her to take a seat and immediately makes sure she gets food from the platter we have already begun to enjoy. It warms my heart to continue to see how nice my family is. It really helps me understand how I have learned to interact with other people. While I was born with my preferences for INFP, I have also learned how to use those preferences. My family is very responsible for teaching me the right way to treat people.

The evening is perfect. The food and drink are delicious and plentiful. The show is fun, and the announcer makes it a point to mention to the crowd that Mom and Dad are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. It is cute to see Dad answer questions from the stage. He is a little shy and very sweet. At one point, the announcer asks Dad what is the secret to a long happy marriage. His reply, “Never go to bed angry.” Those are good words to live by.

After the luau, Kevin and I take a walk by ourselves along the beach. Very few people are out, which makes the crash of the waves and the star-lit sky even more special. Kevin is fascinated by the night sky and is really good at pointing out the various planets above us.

We find a nice spot to sit and enjoy this breathtaking place out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We experience our time in the moment as our trip with my…no, our family is winding down.

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