Parenting and Personality Type

Posted 19 September 2023 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

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How does your MBTI personality type affect your parenting style? What’s the best way to parent a child who has different personality preferences from yours?

In this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Yvonne Nelson Reid, the Senior Development Associate at Myers & Briggs Foundation®, editor and lead writer for the People Stripes® website, and the lead on development of all MMTIC® products, programs, and services.

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In this episode, Dr. Nelson-Reid dives into the most commonly asked questions about personality type and parenting.

“One of the questions I get asked all the time is ‘can my child’s MBTI type change?’ I love that question because it's so nuanced. Can it change? Well, type theory states that our personality types are innate, meaning they're inborn. Now, as I mentioned earlier, we're predisposed to develop along these certain lines. But what's so important here, and especially with young people, is their environment, because environment influences that development. And we find that with adults, too, when we meet and work with adults,” shares Dr. Nelson-Reid during the discussion.

By listening, you’ll gain insights into type dynamics within families, how you can appreciate a child’s personality even when their preferences differ from yours, and examples of how to share awareness of preferences with children even if they’re too young to take the MBTI assessment.

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