Summer Vacation Decision Making—Extraverted Thinking

Posted 16 June 2016 by
Global Marketing

I have spent time in the past several posts highlighting the importance of different ways to take in information (Perceiving). Once that has happened, it’s time to evaluate that information. If this doesn’t happen, then usually nothing gets done, no vacation plans will be made. Evaluating information is about using Thinking and Feeling.

Extraverted Thinking (Te) helps us evaluate that information in a logical and objective way. As you think about where you might go for vacation this summer, consider Te questions like:

“Dominant extraverted Thinking types are natural leaders—quick, assertive, and decisive. Their judgments are clear and logical; they seldom have second thoughts.” —Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development.

The MBTI® types that typically rely the most on extraverted Thinking (Te) during decision making are ESTJ and ENTJ. The types that might forget to use Te during decision making are INFP and ISFP.

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