Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Step II Facets in Action

Posted 16 August 2016 by
Global Marketing

After a nice lunch in Kona (Rebel Kitchen…delicious!) we finally reach the turnoff for Waikoloa Beach. Finally. As we drive up to the entrance of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, I see Cindy (the first-born sibling in our family) walking out to greet us. Mom, Dad, and Terri visit with Cindy a couple of times a year. Sadly, I haven’t seen Cindy in almost 30 years! Kevin has never met Cindy. Time flies for sure, but I realize I need to do more to see my big sister.

We hug and are all excited to have arrived. Cindy has already made friends with Debbie (from Monterey) at the front desk. I’m so glad she has. Debbie is kind and helpful and professional. We feel very well taken care of, and check-in is a breeze. Debbie comes around the counter and places a shell lei over each of us and gives us a nice box of macadamia nut chocolates. Yum!

Terri cries because she is so happy to be here. Cindy and I follow suit. We’ve always been this way. When we were little, if one of us cried, we all did. If one of us got in trouble, then we all felt bad about it. Poor Dad couldn’t even look at us with a stern expression without all three of us crying. It might have made it easy for him at times because he never had to raise his voice. It was probably difficult for him because he could just look at us and the tears would flow from all three of us. You would think he had hit us, but we very rarely even got spanked. Mom would say to him, “Look what you did?” and he would reply, “I didn’t do anything.” Poor Dad. He has three children who in MBTI® terms would be described as empathetic, compassionate, accommodating, accepting, and tender. These are the MBTI Step II™ facets, and the three of us are in-preference on all of them.

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