MBTI® Users Conference—Creating a Culture of Clarity / Ambiverts?

Posted 25 November 2016 by
Global Marketing

Patrick also addressed the idea many have that “People are really ambiverts.” He reminded us to keep in mind that just because we use both hands to type doesn’t mean we are ambidextrous. This reminded me that when I was younger and played volleyball, I used to brag a little that I could spike with both my right and left hands. In my mind I was as lethal with either a left- or right-side attack. However, when I really thought about it and when my teammates were truthful with me, I realized I was really more comfortable using my right side. Sure, we each can get used to using both hands, but in the end we really do have a preference.

Likewise, while we all use both sides of a preference, we just prefer one side over the other. I like Patrick’s comment that “Our lives are not so easy that we can take a bath in our four-letter type every day.” Instead, we need to flex so that we use each side of the preferences pairs. Of course, we need to honor our true preferences, but flexing to the other side is what type development is all about.

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