Summer Vacation Decision Making—Introverted Feeling

Posted 28 June 2016 by
Global Marketing

To conclude this series on decision making with the MBTI® mental processes and the eight patterns of mental activity, we come to introverted Feeling (Fi), which is about making decisions in line with the inner values that guide and drive us. When deciding where you want to go on vacation this summer, consider these Fi questions:

“Dominant introverted Feeling types naturally function as the conscience of a group. They filter every decision, behavior, and statement through their internal values and consistently work to support and realize them in their lives.” —Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development.

The MBTI® types that typically rely the most on introverted Feeling (Fi) during decision making are ISFP and INFP. The types that might forget to use Fi during decision making are ENTJ and ESTJ.

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