Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Lifelong Type Development with Eggs and Bacon on the Side

Posted 04 August 2016 by
Global Marketing

I'm awake early and try several times to fall back to sleep. Finally, I decide to get out of bed after hearing rustling in the room across the hall. I get up and head downstairs to start breakfast. It's 4:30 am. I get to cook! Kevin is sleeping peacefully in bed. I'm a little envious that he is able to sleep.

Dad comes down first. He has been awake for a couple of hours and looks relieved that he can finally come downstairs without disturbing the house. Like me, Dad doesn’t like to be an inconvenience. He is the perfect example of someone with NT preferences who has developed his non-preferred side in the second half of life. I think it is a major reason why he and I connect so well now. I tell a story about him during the MBTI® Certification Program that covers Jung’s model of lifelong development. I share how grateful I am to see my father in this part of his life, where he has taken what he learned in the first half of life and learned to apply his third (tertiary) and fourth (inferior) processes in the second half. It is an amazing thing to see firsthand.

I can hear Terri in the shower in the shared bathroom. When she comes down the stairs, she slips on the last stair and lands on her butt. In her usual fashion, she laughs it off and gets up, making no big deal of it. I love that about her. Her fall reminds us that we need to watch for Mom when she comes down.

On the menu this morning are eggs, bacon, toast, Kona coffee, and orange juice. I plop the apple pie in the oven in case anyone wants to try to finish that off. The kitchen has everything one could need, but I'm still feeling a bit off-kilter with the slightly outdated appliances. Breakfast (fried eggs for everyone but Mom, who likes hers scrambled in large clumps) is eaten, and the kitchen is cleaned. Terri does most of the cleaning, and again I'm thankful, this time for her “jump-in-and-get-it-done” attitude. Mom, Dad, and Terri are all dressed and ready to go, so we decide to take an early morning drive in to the park. I give Kevin a kiss as I tell him we are heading out. Once he makes sure it is okay to stay behind, he turns over and falls back to sleep. He looks so cozy all snuggled up in the cool Hawaii morning.

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