Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Step II™ Planful, Out-of-Preference

Posted 11 August 2016 by
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Ahead of schedule, we are ready for the drive from Volcano to Waikoloa—the exact opposite side of Hawaii. We could take the same route across the island that we took yesterday, but Kevin suggests we try a different and more scenic route down, under, and then back up the coast. The SUV is packed up, and the house is straightened up before we all pile in and get on the road by 10:30 a.m. I’m feeling good about being ahead of schedule, knowing this will give us plenty of time for lunch along the way, and then we can check in to the resort with daylight left to have some fun on the beach. While I’m not outwardly trying to “push” my Planful facet on everyone, inside I’m just thrilled that everyone is cooperating beautifully. I realize that I need to plan more vacations with my family. Maybe Vegas next summer. No drama from anyone (yet at least) and everyone sticks with the plan….so far! I love it!

As we glide along the road, I remember that Kevin and I took this same route about four years ago. It is nice to show my family this different part of the island. The first few times the ocean appears Terri shouts out, “Look, the ocean!” When all you can see is ocean, this becomes our little joke along the way, especially as my Mom finally says, “It’s just water.” Mom can be a bit matter-of-fact sometimes. Kevin, Terri, and I just laugh. For us, the ocean is glorious and magical, and we can’t wait to jump in it.

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