Type and Influence

Posted 05 January 2016 by
Global Marketing

The mid-afternoon session on day 1 of the MBTI® Users Conference offered another three sessions to choose from. I went to Bernie Goldstein’s session titled “Influencing the Buyers’ Journey with the MBTI® Type and Other Assessments.”

Bernie’s session focused on how to apply the MBTI tool and other assessments to better understand the client experience. The importance of flexing to the needs of our customers is of course key. That means a good amount of self-discovery and understanding needs to happen first: What are our potential gifts and blind spots? And once we have some ideas here, how can we now apply this idea with customers we are trying to influence? While behavioral cues are imperfect in identifying a person’s preferences, they can give us some clues. Bernie shared a few clues for each of the preference pairs along with tips for each of us on how to flex to the needs of each side of the pair. I was glad to see Bernie focus on the mental processes (ST, SF, NF, NT). There is some valuable new research on the power of the mental processes related to influencing. I will write about that research in an upcoming post.

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