MBTI® Users Conference—“Culture Matters” Panel: Macro and Micro Perspectives

Posted 27 December 2016 by
Global Marketing

For the second year in a row, I was asked to serve as moderator for the conference-wide panel session. Now that I have a little experience with panels under my belt, I was a bit more open to the idea of being a moderator. It helps to remind myself that the moderator’s key task is to encourage the audience to pay attention to the panelists and not himself. I just had to introduce the topic and the panelists and then keep things moving along. In the end of course, that is all easier said than done.

The panel topic this year was the impact the MBTI® tool has on corporate cultures. It was the result of a survey CPP sent out this past summer to about 500 MBTI practitioners with titles like HR director, VP of OD, and so on to explore that subject in their respective company. Each conference attendee was sent full survey results as a follow-up to this conference.

Panelists this year were Chris Robbins of Southwest Airlines, Jean-Louis Ruberstein of ConEdison, Pam Fox Rollin of IdeaShape, and Daniel Granchanin of Google. It was so generous of them to share their stories about the impact the MBTI tool has had on developing trust and respect among their company’s employees. Each panelist helped us see how invaluable the MBTI tool has been in managing change, appreciating diversity, and building teamwork.

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