Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—The Krakken

Posted 09 September 2016 by
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After swimming with dolphins we head over to a secluded snorkeling site. No other boats are around, so we have the place all to ourselves. Kevin and I stick together. I love being in the water, but have to admit to being a bit intimidated as well. Staying near Kevin makes me feel safe. Terri swims out to sea, so Damon (our first officer) has to go out to bring her back. I love how adventurous Terri can be. I love how she is making the most of every minute. Terri has this beautiful and open attitude about life that is contagious.

Cindy, Mom, and Dad stay on board taking pictures and chatting with Captain Bryan and Liam. I can tell that Liam is just aching to get in the water. We then take a fun ride on…the Krakken! Not really a many-tentacled beast, the Krakken is a large raft that Captain Bryan ties to the back of the boat. Kevin, Terri, Liam, and I get on, and away we go. Cindy even gets on and talks about how exciting that was for her the rest of the day. Cindy is not an ocean person. She likes swimming pools but not a big open sea. I can sort of relate, though love it when I’m in. I can’t remember laughing so hard in such a long time. We are all acting like kids again as the Krakken throws us side to side and then plunges us head first into the water.

It’s nearing time to leave. Before we get out of the water. Liam says to Kevin, “You are the best group we’ve ever had on our boat.” Whether he means it or he is really good at selling it, I don’t care. We really are having an amazing time. On board are lunch and drinks. This really is a perfect excursion. We head back to the pier as we sit in the sun and enjoy our food—sandwiches, chips, pineapple, and rum punch! Oh, my!

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