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Posted 03 November 2016 by
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MBTI® Users Conference—The Art of Culture Hacking

The perfect way to kick off the conference was Robert Richman’s keynote. Author of The Culture Blueprint: A Guide to Building the High-Performance Workplace, Richman shared that only one-third of organizations feel that their culture is in line with their business strategy. When he asked the audience for a definition of organizational culture, he got about 30 different answers, including traditions, moods, and feelings that are encouraged or discouraged. Richman shared the idea that “experience ...

Posted 27 October 2016 by
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MBTI® Users Conference—Culture Matters

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the 2016 MBTI® Users Conference, you missed out on a wonderful event. I will do my best to help you feel like you were there by covering it in my next blog series. Similar to last year, the conference took place in San Francisco. We were at the legendary Sir Francis Drake Hotel for three days of learning, laughing, eating, and connecting. The theme of the conference was the impact the MBTI tool has on organizational culture. Speakers from every business sec...

Posted 08 July 2016 by
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Leading culture from your strengths

By Pam Fox Rollin, MBA, MBTI® Master Practitioner “Please send me an email outlining what I should do to be a good leader of culture,” requested an introverted C-level executive as we launched a major culture initiative across his organization. What would you write? Would you give him a list of generic “good leader” behaviors? Would you describe what you’d do? Or, maybe, would you tell him what you’ve seen your favorite leaders do? Let’s look at how ...