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Showing Appreciation—ISTJ

10 Jan 2017

In this series I’m delving into how each of the 16 types approaches being thankful. If you want to read a little about your own preferences ahead of time, feel free to visit this link: Today’s type: ISTJ. Showing appreciation may not come naturally to you. Try to offer more positive comments to the important people in your life. That description links to the “bottom-line” approach of people with preferences for ISTJ. Those who prefer Sensing and Thinking tend to want to get ...

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What I'm Thankful For...

05 Jan 2017

The cold, winter season is upon us. I absolutely love this time of year. The fog comes in a bit more often in San Jose, the leaves start falling (and falling… big thanks to our gardener Arturo for taking care of that!), and the air gets cool and crisp. California winters tend to be mild, and I’m thankful for that. With the holidays passing, it reminded me of being thankful for the little and big things that are part of our lives. I hope you all can find many things to appreciate in your lives...

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Appreciating Family During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

22 Dec 2016

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. I see this holiday season as a great reminder of the wonderful things in my life. Since things have been so busy, this is also time for me to take a break for just a few days from a very busy travel and training schedule. I’m sad to write that my grandmother passed away this week. She lived to be 101 years old, and that is really amazing. My family will be coming together to celebrate her life. Attending the funeral has required moving a lot of work proje...

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