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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Conclusion

20 October 2016

It’s Friday. Kevin, Mom, Dad, and I are the only members of the family still here in Hawaii. Right now we’re having a wonderful breakfast at Daylight Coffee in Queens Market. I make a mental note to come back here on our next trip to Hawaii. I have to keep reminding myself that there will be a next trip so I don’t get too sad. After breakfast we head back to the hotel to finish packing and then meet in the lobby for our drive to the airport. We know this route well after having traveled it a ...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—The Second Goodbye

18 October 2016

After dropping off Terri, the rest of us head in to Kona for a tour around the shops. It is very hot out, and our swimming pool is all the way back at the hotel. We walk in to a few galleries to get out of the heat and then decide it is time for lunch at the Kona Brewing Company. Eager to get back to the calmness of our hotel, we head back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Kevin, Cindy, and I sit out on the hotel deck area that overlooks the ocean and enjoy our last mai-tais together. It’s ...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—The First Goodbye

13 October 2016

We are all up and ready early. Terri is leaving this morning. Cindy is leaving tonight. How did our time go by so fast? We enjoy a nice breakfast at King’s Market across the street from our hotel. Terri is in the mood for fish ’n chips so she has them for breakfast. “This is it,” I think to myself. Terri is leaving, and then before you know it we all will be in our own worlds again. The drive to the airport is about twenty minutes. Kevin is playing Hawaiian music in the car. Five days ago thi...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Learning How to Use My Inborn Preferences

11 October 2016

As soon as we sit down, Cindy notices our rings. Then so do Terri, Mom, and Dad. Smiles spread around the table. Dad comes over and says, “I’m happy for you Mijo.” I tell him we don’t have a wedding date yet, but will let them know. Since I don’t like being the center of attention, we are thinking of something very small. I tell Dad that I’m thinking of just eloping and telling people about it later. Stay tuned… Because we are only six, there are a couple of spots open at our table. A woman n...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—A Sensing vs. Intuition Challenge

06 October 2016

The day feels like it is flying by too fast. I have to keep reminding myself, “Live in the moment, or the moment will pass you by.” In type language this means that I have to honor my preference for Intuition, but I will not let it rule my day. If I flex by using Sensing more often, those great moments won’t just pass me by. Still, Terri and Cindy leave tomorrow. Already. Mom, Dad, Kevin, and I leave the day after. It helps me to think that I can plan something again soon. My mind starts to wond...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—ISFJ in Action

04 October 2016

After unloading our shopping treasures in the room safe, Kevin and I head down to the pool to join Cindy and Terri. We arrive at the cabana to find Cindy with a cocktail and pu pu platter to share with us. A server comes over, and Kevin and I immediately ask for drinks of our own—mai-tais! They are perfect for a warm Hawaiian afternoon by the pool. Kevin and Cindy have hit it off nicely. He has been wonderful with my family the entire trip. I have shared several times that Kevin’s preferences...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Love Is in the Air

27 September 2016

A big part of any trip for Mom is finding souvenirs to bring back to friends and family. A souvenir shop in King’s Market, located just a block from our hotel, is the perfect place. Dad, Cindy, and I settle in as Mom and Terri start collecting trinkets to buy. I wander in and out of the shop relatively quickly and instead find a T-shirt stand being set up just outside. I buy a T-shirt for me and one for Kevin. Dad worries that all the souvenirs Mom is buying won’t fit in their luggage for the...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Loco Moco

22 September 2016

It’s Wednesday, and I’m still fighting that sad feeling that our trip is almost over. I remind myself that we still have today. If I let it, today could be a wonderful day. As usual, we are all wide awake very early and ready to go. By starting at the break of dawn we sure are making the most of our days here. Kevin sleeps in while Mom, Dad, Terri, Cindy, and I head out to a restaurant that Cindy has found. It’s called the Hawaiian Style Café and is known for serving traditional Hawaiian brea...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Live in the Moment

20 September 2016

As we head back to the hotel for some downtime—nap, pool, walks along the beach—I start to feel that little bit of angst that our time together is going by too fast. It’s already Tuesday. We just have tonight and tomorrow together, and then our trip will be over. This happens to me on every vacation I go on, especially when I’m having a wonderful time. Instead of living in the moment, I let my preference for Intuition take over and start thinking about the future. Doing this can really take me o...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—Perceiving Is Alive and Well

13 September 2016

Shave ice is on our mind as we depart the boat and head to our SUV. Kevin, Terri, and I are still a little wet, but we don’t mind. It’s Hawaii after all. As we drive just across the street, we see a large crowd has surrounded the Original Hawaiian Shave Ice stand. On one side of the Blue Dragon Restaurant parking lot the small and colorful stand waits for us to join the crowd. Mom, Dad, and Cindy grab a place to sit. Kevin, Terri, and I get in line and immediately see the delicious looking froze...

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