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SFA scholar talks about internship with The Myers-Briggs Company

Posted 15 September 2022 by Melissa Summer

In 2021, The Myers Briggs Company began an 18-month partnership with San Francisco Achievers as part of our B Corp charity partnership program.

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Psychology of Change

Posted 24 August 2022 by Melissa Summer

What is change management and why does it matter for organizations?

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Leadership, Extraversion & Introversion

Posted 24 August 2022 by Melissa Summer

What should leaders be aware of about these well-known personality differences?

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Conflict Management

Posted 24 August 2022 by Melissa Summer

How can conflict management save organizations money?

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Introducing The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast

Posted 09 August 2022 by Melissa Summer

The Myers-Briggs Company is launching a new podcast about psychology, personality, work life, and how to get the best from life.

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Celebrating Pride Month with The Myers-Briggs Company

Posted 13 June 2022 by Jeff Hayes, President and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company

We interviewed President and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company, Jeff Hayes, to share what Pride Month means to him, his experience coming out to the company, and what The Myers-Briggs Company is doing to celebrate Pride Month.

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Were you asked if you wanted to go back to the office?

Posted 24 May 2022 by Kevin Wood

If not, you might be part of a hybrid strategy that’s about to fail.

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Social contracts, returning to the office and retaining your people in the new hybrid workplace

Posted 20 May 2022 by Melissa Summer

As employees return to the office, they’re expecting more flexibility in their social contracts with employers. How can HR help?

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Another way to look at stress

Posted 29 March 2022 by Kevin Woods

How FIRO helps people to build trust in their relationships, improve morale and reduce stress in the workplace.

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Available now: Psychology of change in the hybrid workplace

Posted 22 March 2022 by Melissa Summer

Change is inevitable. And as the hybrid workplace becomes a new normal for many organizations, it brings specific benefits and challenges to managing uncertainty and successfully implementing change initiatives.

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