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Posted 20 November 2023 by
Global Marketing

Why knowing your personality type is critical to a growth mindset

If people think ability is innate, it could be holding them back.

Posted 20 November 2023 by
Global Marketing

Should personality assessments be used in hiring?

How to decide if and when to include personality assessments in the selection process.

Posted 16 November 2023 by
Global Marketing

How personality type affects team performance and job satisfaction

New research sends clear message to team leaders

Posted 07 November 2023 by
Melissa Summer

The Psychology of Leadership

What're the psychological factors that contribute to great leadership? How is active self-awareness helpful to leaders? Listen to this episode with leadership expert and business psychology consultant Cameron Nott to learn more.

Posted 03 November 2023 by
Kevin Wood, The Myers-Briggs Company

Why self-awareness is not enough

Business psychology experts weigh in on leadership and people development in organizations.

Posted 23 October 2023 by
Kevin Wood, The Myers-Briggs Company

People have forgotten how to work with each other

Our consultants share the workplace trends and topics they’re hearing about.

Posted 18 October 2023 by
Melissa Summer

Career Transitions and Job Fit

What’s the best way to approach career transitions? How are these transitions different during early, mid and end career stages? Listen to this podcast for all things career.

Posted 03 October 2023 by
Global Marketing

Why and how innovative organizations welcome conflict

Effective conflict management is a pillar of high-performing organizations.

Posted 21 September 2023 by
Vanessa Bradford, Contributing Writer

Uncover the (in)visible elements of team success

There are many psychological factors that affect team success. This article helps managers and leaders understand how those factors affect performance – and why the MBTI personality assessment is one of the best opportunities for growth.

Posted 19 September 2023 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

Parenting and Personality Type

How does your MBTI personality type affect your parenting style? What’s the best way to parent a child who has different personality preferences from yours? Listen to this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast to find out!