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Posted 09 February 2023 by
Vanessa Bradford

Measuring the behaviors of successful, inclusive leaders with the FIRO-B tool

Did you know that interpersonal behaviors can be measured in an objective way? Through the FIRO-B® assessment, HR professionals and leadership consultants can check how well a person's behaviors cultivate inclusion and success in the workplace.

Posted 06 February 2023 by
Global Marketing

Inclusion is a priority, but how do leaders actually become inclusive?

Research shows there’s a self-perception gap when leaders assess their inclusion efforts

Posted 19 December 2022 by
Melissa Summer

Inclusive Leadership

Why aren’t leaders as inclusive as they think? Listen to the latest podcast episode from The Myers-Briggs Company featuring Dr. Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson.

Posted 27 October 2021 by
Melissa Summer

What are the best tools and training materials for DEI initiatives?

3 experts share their DEI know-how in this webinar from WorkWider

Posted 22 October 2021 by
Melissa Summer

What’s stopping leaders being inclusive?

Everyone knows that inclusion is a complex area. There’s no single thing that stops it happening or slows it down. There are several and they’re probably happening at the same time.

Posted 07 September 2021 by
Kevin Wood

Inclusion: Can your business afford not to be inclusive?

Learn the business case for inclusion and why diversity alone doesn’t work...

Posted 04 September 2020 by
John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership, The Myers-Briggs Company

Diversity and inclusion...and personality?

Today’s businesses aren’t all just about shareholder values–many measure their performance with a triple bottom line. Profit, yes, but also People (caring for customers, workers and the wider community) and the Planet (caring for the environment).

Posted 12 June 2020 by
Jeff Hayes, CEO, The Myers-Briggs Company

Black Lives Matter

We know we can do better. We stand firmly in support of #equality and racial and social #justice. Read more from our CEO...

Posted 28 August 2019 by
Jeff Hayes

Talent Development and Diversity in Dubai with the MBTI Tool

CEO Jeff Hayes shares insights around diversity, talent development and other observations from Dubai.

Posted 02 July 2017 by
Global Marketing

Helping U.S. Navy Teams Find Synergy

It's always interesting to us to know the story of where some of our assessments came from, and we wanted to share the FIRO-B assessment backstory because it's one of the most fascinating histories we've heard. In the 1950's, the United States Navy approached psychologist William Schutz and said, "We're having a really hard time with teams on submarines. We don't know how to put people together, and you can imagine being underwater in close quarters for six months can be a trying environment....