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Is "work-life balance" just a myth?

Posted 10 June 2020 by
Sherrie Haynie, Director of US Professional Services, The Myers-Briggs Company

The conversation over work-life balance began in the middle of the Industrial Revolition. After so much time and money spent, how do so many companies still get it wrong?

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How Your Life's Mission Statement Will Guide You To Greater Work-Life Balance

29 December 2016

This article was written by Rachel Ritlop and originally appeared on To read the article in its original format, click here.  A personal mission statement can act as your “north star” throughout the twists and turns of life . Too often, people focus on responding to the responsibilities and demands placed on them by others, such as a boss, teacher, or family member; that they ultimately forget to focus on what they are seeking in life. Often times people ignore the signs tha...

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