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Putting E–I and S–N together to support student success, Part 3

06 Jun 2016

By Catherine Rains  Again, since students have already heard from other students with their opposite preferences about what faculty members with those preferences want from them, they find it fairly easy to identify success strategies in such a classroom. Let’s explore how students who prefer Introversion and Sensing (IS) can thrive in a classroom taught by faculty members with their opposite preferences, Extraversion and Intuition (EN). The following are some of the suggestions I have heard ...

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USC Marshall School of Business Finds Students 75% More Engaged with Strong Interest Inventory

02 Jun 2016

With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, collaborative research and social responsibility, the USC Marshall School of Business is ideally positioned to address the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. Their guiding philosophy – success demands an understanding of the inner workings of the global marketplace –has established USC Marshall as a leader among the nation’s premier business schools. USC Marshall provides powerful global experiences across...

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Career Ready, Career Strong

18 Mar 2016

As a career counselor and academic advisor, you want your students to have the best tools to prepare for the future—preferably before the last minute. That's why, as your expert personal guide, we've created a "Career Ready, Career Strong" toolkit based on the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment to help you promote your career services and get your students on the right track sooner. This toolkit includes: •A fun, interactive social media video to help you establish your brand and engage wi...

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Looking at the Strong Scales as Puzzle Pieces

04 Feb 2016

Written by Cheryl Hollatz-Wisely, MEd, Lead Trainer,   GS Consultants           It is nice when our students and clients take the Strong Interest Inventory and their GOT, BIS and OS results align.  The interpretation is straightforward when there are thematic patterns across all the scales and the Basic Interests are reflected in the top 10-20 Occupational Scales.  It is like a jigsaw puzzle where all of the pieces fit and deliver that satisfying “snap” that comes ...

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Gender and the Strong Interest Inventory®: Two of the Most Common Questions

19 Jan 2016

Written by Cheryl Hollatz-Wisely, MEd, Lead Trainer, GS Consultants Gender and the Strong Interest Inventory®: Two of the Most Common Questions QUESTION #1:  “Why does the Strong still use gendered reports??!!??” I get this question all the time, and I can absolutely see why people might ask.  Back in the 70s when I first took the Strong Interest Inventory, I remember being a bit offended that my gender seemed to matter.  As a Title IX girl, I felt like someone was trying to put me into a box...

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