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MBTI® Users Conference—Creating a Culture of Clarity / Some Clinical Psychology Criticism

29 Nov 2016

Patrick Kerwin then addressed a criticism about the MBTI® assessment he’s heard that “clinical psychologists don’t believe in the MBTI® tool.” I didn’t get training on the MBTI tool in my clinical program. Clinical psychologists are typically trained to administer “tests” that address psychological problems. As Patrick stated, the argument that clinicians don’t use the MBTI tool is like saying “it’s hard to find an engineer who uses a plunger.” The MBTI tool is not a test, and it doesn’t iden...

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MBTI® Users Conference—Creating a Culture of Clarity

15 Nov 2016

Just after lunch I attended a conference-wide session by Patrick Kerwin in which he addressed some misconceptions about the MBTI® tool. Patrick started by saying, “Doing what we do often leads to talking to strangers we meet to clarify what the MBTI tool really is. So much of this misunderstanding is misinformed.” So Patrick shared with his audience several topics related to these misunderstandings. Patrick said he sometimes hears people criticize Briggs and Myers because “They weren’t psycho...

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